Get Involved

Want to get involved with Hope Squad
or suicide prevention? 

Here are some ideas to get started:

  • Contact your local Hope Squad and ask how you can help.

  • Raise money for your local Hope Squad. 

  • Encourage a local school to start the Hope Squad program.

  • Donate to fund new Hope Squads, support existing Hope Squads, and advance Hope Squad research.

  • Become QPR trained and encourage your company, faith-based group, or other affiliations to be QPR trained.

  • Join an AFSP or NAMI chapter.

  • Start a social media campaign to promote suicide awareness and mental wellness.

  • Organize a suicide awareness walk.

  • Volunteer with a local crisis lifeline.

  • Organize a fundraiser and donate to a mental health organization.

  • Hand out flyers or cards with suicide prevention resources.

  • Check in with someone you haven’t talked with in a while.
hope squad

“We can put boots on the ground, eyes in the hallways, ears out there in the room.
I said, ‘Sign me up, I absolutely want to do it. This is where I need to be.’”

Tony Cooper, Hope Squad Advisor