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We are a school-based Peer-to-Peer Suicide Prevention program that empowers students


Hope Squad Story

Hope Squad® is a school-based peer support program that empowers selected students to take action to improve the school environment. Hope Squad members are trained to recognize if they or their peers are at risk for suicide as well as how to encourage peers to seek help from a trusted adult.

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The Hope Squad curriculum is divided into lesson plans called, Phases, which stands for “peers helping advance student empowerment.” A team of educators and mental health experts outlined the curriculum to be taught on a monthly basis by advisors (school counselors and staff members). Each Phase is clearly defined in the advisor manual and contains a Prezi presentation that follows the lesson content.

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QPR Partnership

QPR and Hope Squad have partnered to promote suicide prevention. QPR has been a leader in suicide prevention and is known for its success. The Hope Squad Program provides a method of suicide prevention for schools and the community. 

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Research & Theory

Research indicates that most youth who are suicidal talk with peers about their concerns rather than with adults, yet as few as 25 percent of peer confidants tell an adult. One of the goals of a youth suicide prevention program is to increase the likelihood of a student identifying a peer who may be at risk of suicide and refer him or her to an appropriate adult.

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Hope Squads are in schools across Utah. They’re groups that are trained to spot someone who may be in jeopardy of taking their own life.

Dr. Greg Hudnall Published!

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15th Annual Walk4Hope
September 29th
Timpanogos Elementary
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The Hope Squad has changed the culture of our school to one where everyone looks out for one another and lets adults know when they see or hear something that concerns them.

Springville Junior High

At this point, I think it is the most effective program available to us, the school and students are so used to it by now it’s almost a legacy. Students count on it–they would be more upset if we changed programs.

Dixon Middle School

Kids this age are marvelous at listening to their friends but they get overwhelmed and don’t know how to carry it after a while. So if you have a program that addresses what to do and how to get help sooner perhaps break cycles sooner. I think peers are very relevant.

Hillside Middle School