Hope Squad Virtual Conference 2022

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Good news! Approximately 2,000 people watched the Hope Squad Virtual Conference, 2022 live. Below are links to review the content and presentations personally and with your Squad. Thanks to all who watched and participated, including:

  • Dr. Greg Hudnall, Hope Squad Founder and CEO
  • The Hope Squad National Council
  • Jordan Lally, Dre, and DJ (The Big Infinite, Ed Lally Foundation)
  • Connor Galloway, 2021 Teacher of the Year and Hope Squad Advisor and Hope Squads students at Rock Hill High School in Prosper, Texas
  • Hope Squad National Council Alumnus, Noah Canon George
  • Clark High School Hope Squad in Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Mason High School Hope Squad in Mason, Ohio
  • Students from Bob Miller Middle School in Henderson, Nevada
  • Lisa Gardner, Counselor/Hope Squad Advisor and Munashe Tanjani, both from Hillcrest High School Hope Squad in Midvale, Utah
  • Police Chief and Hope Squad champion, Eric Burr of Arkansas City, Kansas
  • ABC2020

“All of you young people. You’re the face of Hope Squad. You are the individuals who are taking Hope Squad to the next level, so that we can be in every school and save more lives, everyday. There are kids in your school who look up to you and respect you.

“The Truth is… All that is required is the proper perspective! Remember this lesson. Some things are not always what they seem. Sometimes the truth is a lot different than what it appears.”

~ Dr. Greg Hudnall, Hope Squad Founder & CEO

Conference Pre-show and Introduction

Complete Pre-show

Clark High School, Nevada

Mason High School, Ohio (on ABC)

Bob Miller Middle School, Nevada

Connor Galloway

Noah Canon George

Keynote by Dr. Greg Hudnall

Segments by Hope Squad National Council & Big Infinite

Time Management for Hope Squad Members
with Bella, Garrett, & Munashe

Bullies & Bystanders
with Livi, Nora, Savannah, & Rae

Breathing Brake
with Natalee

Celebrating Hope Squad Members
with Logenn, Taylee, & Sydney

Boundaries, Burnout, & Self-care
with Anna, Luca, Anjali, & Grace

I Am Love / The Power of Expression
with The Big Infinite (Dre, Jordan, & DJ)

Mental Health Looks Different to Everyone
with Diane, Julia, & Rees

Balancing Life
with Caitlyn, Maia, & Manvi

How to Use Your Strengths
with Z’Haria, Kaylee, Madison, & Kaiden

Perfectionism & Embracing our Self-Worth
with Avery, Brendan, & Spencer

Toxic Positivity & The Significance of Small Actions
with Aspen, Micah, Madilyn, & Angelique

Wrap-Up & Farewell
with Sanjana & Laila