2023 Hope Squad Grads!

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Hope Squad 2022 Graduates

Adeline Hennessy

Kettering Fairmont High School

Dayton, Ohio

I am a very involved person at Fairmont. Not only am I a 3 year Hope Squad member, I am United Student Body President, National Honors Society Vice President, Varsity Tennis Captain, Varsity Basketball Cheer Captain, and a thespian! I love being in Hope Squad because Hope Squad has helped me become more open and more comfortable talking about hard subjects. Hope Squad has also helped me become more confident in myself and talking to others. After high school I plan on playing tennis and majoring in theater education!

Klayton Wilson

Minico High School

Rupert, Idaho

I have been apart of hope squad for three years. I have really enjoyed my experience. It has helped me to get out of my comfort zone and be able to talk to people. I am a shy person, so it has helped me to talk better with others. I am planning to attend Utah state and study electrical engineering.

Malia Manning

Minico High School

Paul, ID

I have been in Hope Squad for 2 years. I have loved being apart of Hope Squad and building friendships with my fellow Hope Squad members. Through Hope Squad I have become aware of those around me and have been able to help others with their mental health. My Hope Squad advisor is so understanding and is the best at calming people down. Her attitude and positivity encourages me to be my self. I plan on serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and am excited to use the skills I have learned through Hope Squad while I am serving.

Lucy Clark

Stansbury High School

Stansbury Park, Utah

Hey I’m Lucy! I am a senior at Stansbury High School and I love to play volleyball and dance! This year was my first year on Hope Squad and it has had the biggest impact on me in just one short year! I have stepped out of my comfort zone and tried new things, and the experiences I have had along with the people I have met and the things I have learned are irreplaceable! I have changed so much as a person and I am growing into who I have always wanted to be, and I owe a huge part of that to the incredible Hope Squad program. My advisers are incredible and I look up to them in so many ways. I will never forget their role in my life.

Audrey Glaser

William Mason High School

Mason, OH

Hope squad is a community! I’m so grateful to be with like-minded students in the squad who share the same passion for helping others 🙂 Hope squad over these past four years has been so impactful by teaching me how to support and be a trusted friend to others in my everyday life. My favorite memories in Hope Squad are the conferences where we get to travel as a squad and meet other Hope Squads around us. It’s such a cool experience getting to connect with other schools and learn from one-another! I will be attending The Ohio State University, major in Health & Rehabilitation sciences on the Pre-Physical Therapy track. My biggest piece of advice is to be the friend you want in your life. Encourage others and lift others up the same way you hope for! From teams to clubs, be the person you hope to have in your life.

Robyn Boyland

Bellevue West High School

Bellevue, Nebraska

Hi! My name is Robyn Boyland from Bellevue West HS in Bellevue, Nebraska! I first became a member of HOPE Squad my 8th grade year, getting the opportunity to serve on one of our district’s first HOPE Squads! I’ve always made it my priority to be there for others, be it a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on, and HOPE Squad has allowed me to do so with better expertise! I’m so thankful for the opportunities the Squad has provided me with and the community outreach I’ve been able to be a part of! I can’t wait for every school to have a HOPE Squad!

Clayton Beard

Minico High School

Rupert, Idaho

My name is Clayton Beard. I have been apart of the Minico Hope Squad for a year. My favorite part of being in Hope Squad is all the friends I have made. After graduation I will be serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. When I get back I will attend Utah State University.

Maddie Hughes

Ben Lomond High School

Ogden, Utah

Hi! My name is Maddie Hughes! I’m the President of Hope Squad at Ben Lomond High school in Ogden UT! This is my first year being a member of the Hope Squad, though I have been involved in activities with Hope Squad in the past. My school decided we wanted to build up our hope Squad program and make it a more active force in our school. At the beginning of the year when I was made president, we got to work putting on events, training our members and making sure we had school wide participation and awareness for Suicide prevention and mental health resources. The biggest thing I’ve learned is how to lead my squad in doing all these things, with lots of help from our advisor Mrs.Barlow! We’ve had an excellent year! While I’m excited to graduate, I will really miss the fun times I had in Hope Squad and all that I’ve learned from it!

Denisse Bravo

Waterville High School

Waterville, WA

I am the only senior in my hope squad group it was our first year having this program and I was chosen from the high school students. I have enjoyed learning of the groups job and purpose having social events and learning how to help others and ourselves. I have always been a social person I have always been chosen to show the new student around the campus and reach out to them and then start including them into the programs they can fit in. Having this new program in our school has helped us reach out to students that just seem to not be able to express themselves and just have somebody to talk to. I enjoyed my Hope squad because we have been able to grow together and learn new abilities.


Minico High School

Rupert, Idaho

I have been in Minico’s Hope Squad for my senior year, before officially being a member I was always sneaking off to 5th period Hope Squad my junior year. My personal experience of “helping” my peers includes listening and guiding them with what we’ve been taught. My plans after high school include studying to go into Social Work. My heroes include my foster parents Josh and Kelsey

Frankie Graham

Minico Senior High School

Rupert, Idaho

Hi my name is Frankie Graham, and this is my first year in Hope squad! I have really enjoyed the training and support this class has provided. I am so excited to see the future of Hope Squad at my High School and elsewhere as well. Thank you for a great year!

Kaylee Anzalone

Elkhorn Area High School

Elkhorn, WI

Hello My name is Kaylee Anzalone. I have been in Hope Squad for 4 years, ever since I was a freshman. I think Hope Squad is an amazing organization. For me, Hope squad has helped me focus on not only others mental health but my own as well. I think that everyone should know about mental health/awareness and how to help someone who may be struggling. I appreciate how open and welcoming everyone is in Hope squad. Hope squad will most definitely help me in the future and my dreams of becoming a travel nurse, I plan to attend Madison College. My heroes are my parents, they both inspire me to be myself and they are the strongest people I know.

Sydney Minick

Mason High School

Mason, OH

I have been a member of Hope Squad for 4 years and was part of my high school’s inaugural year! I will be heading to Miami University (Oxford, Ohio) on a Pre-Law track. Hope Squad has been one of the most influential and formative groups I’ve been involved in. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunities to grow from those around me in the group and learn from those in my school. It was amazing to have been in this group with my older sister for 3 years…having a support system is so important. Oftentimes, the situations I was involved in due to Hope Squad were emotionally challenging, but I’ve become a better person because learning other perspectives is really important. I’ve seen first hand how much the Hope Squad here at Mason has changed, and I am so excited to see how much more it will flourish.

Joshua Hansen

Merit academy

Springville, Utah

Hi! My name is Josh and I have been on hope squad for 2 years now. I’ve really enjoyed the experience and feel I have learned more skills to help others and connect more with people on a deeper level. I’m very appreciative to my fellow hope squad members and leaders for their support and positive energy through this experience.


Hillcrest High School

Midvale, Utah

My Name is Jacob I have been on hope squad for four years this year will be my last year. I enjoyed being part of Hope Squad because I learned a lot more about Hope Squad and helping others. I enjoy helping others, and learning new things throughout my life. I loved my advisors throughout Hope Squad, I think they were the best advisors because I learned so much about the program and continue to learn more throughout it. I’ve been able to help others by understanding people a lot more. This meaning myself being able to open up more and being able to connect with other people. For sometime when I was younger I wasn’t able to be myself because of the ongoing peer pressure others have set on me, but now that I have remained involved in hopes-quad it’s given me a greater purpose to learn and find ways to help others and learn from them including myself. My plans after high school is going to college. The reason why I am planning to go to college is because I do enjoy learning and going to school always felt normal to me because I meet so many people and I am able to learn so much about my self and remain involved.


Minico High School

Heyburn, Idaho

I’m a Senior at minico high school I’m athletic, kind, friendly, always kind to others! i’m a 2x district champion for a wrestling. I took 5th at the state tournament my sophomore year. I can also run a 4:58 mile but i hate running. I’ve been in hope squad for 1 year. I like how we can talk in this class and they won’t judge you everyone is so nice. Hope Squad has taught me that your not alone and its okay not to be okay. Its ok to ask for help. It helped to learn about the QPR and what to do. I have helped people and i love helping people its better to lose a friend than a life.I love her and im gonna miss her next year shes a great teacher and an awesome person never doubt her!! I plan to work after high school and than during the fall i plan to go to college. My hero is my Grandpa hes one tough sun of gun! hes the most strongest person i ever met. he will always be my hero

Auriela Gallman

Hillcrest High School

Sandy, Utah

I have been in Hope Squad for 2 years. What I like most about Hope Squad is the support that stems from it. It is a good environment to where I feel like I can share anything and everything. I think Hope Squad has changed me into striving to find out what people have going on in their lives. Learning to be kind to people because we really don’t know what’s going on in their lives. I like that my Hope Squad advisors are there as a means of support and they care for me individually. My plans after high school is to go to UVU and to try to become a dental hygiene through their program. My hero is my mom because she is always there for me and she works hard no matter what the situation is.

Elise Haller

Mason High School

Mason, OH

Hi! I’ve been in Hope Squad for 3 years. It has been amazing. I love how much my squad feels like a family to me. They are always available to listen to me when I need it, or just have a laugh. That goes for the advisors too. I look up to my advisors so much and admire all the work they have done for the squad. Hope Squad has given me tools I will be able to access and use for the rest of my life. My experience was so special and I’m so honored I got nominated for this. Leaving this amazing group is so hard to do, but I’m so excited to see what work they do in the future! After high school, I will be attending Ohio State University and studying biology!

Noah Canon George

Minico High School

Rupert, Idaho

I Love being a part of the Hope Squad because it empowers me to be a better friend to people I know who are struggling. Now I know what to do instead of being afraid.


Minico High School

Rupert, Idaho

I am a really nice person who is easy to collaborate with, I work hard, and I am willing to lend a hand. I’ve only been in hope squad for 5 months but they’ve been keeping my spirits up ever since. I’ve been able to help others by spreading positivity to others. Hope squad has helped my life whenever I’m in a bad mood or when I’m not willing to talk about anything. My advisor is great, ever since I first joined I looked up to her as my mentor. After high school I plan on starting my own business in making tie dye merchandise or become a movie critic on YouTube. My hero is motivational speaker Kevin Hines, actor James Marsden and director of Avatar James Cameron.

Cori Springer

Fremont High School

Plain City, UT

I’ve been in hope squad ever since I was in the 7th grade which was the first year it was introduced to my school district. I have loved helping others and spreading hope throughout every school I’ve attended. Being in hope squad has helped me realize that I’m not alone in struggling with depression and anxiety and that the littlest things can make a difference. I have loved each and ever one of my advisers and the pure kindness they exhibit. I plan to continue motivating others and myself at Southern Utah University as a criminal justice major! Hope squad had undoubtedly been a great experience and I highly recommend sticking with it for as long as you can!

Gabriela Guzman

Minico High School

Rupert, Idaho

I have been in Hope Squad for 2 years. Hope Squad has been an amazing experience, and it has helped me grow into a bigger and better person overall. Learning and being able to help people overcome something very hard and being a person someone can come too has been something that has been a great benefit from Hope Squad. Hope Squad is a very great thing that I’m so glad to be apart of !


Uintah High School

Tridell, Utah

I’ve been in hope squad 1 year. Being in hope squad has helped me be more positive, and I’ve been able to help other people

Kaya Rossey

Mason High School

Mason, OH

I am a four year member of Hope Squad, it has made my high school experience truly special. I have learned how to support my peers as well as myself and I will carry that with me through life. My advisors were essential guides through these years.


Minico High School

Rupert, Idaho

I have been in hope squad for one year and have really enjoyed it. it’s helped me gain skills to talk to people who are going through rough difficulties. It’s given me the opportunity to learn these signs and has shown me the steps to accomplish being a better person in talking but also being better at being able to help.

Rey Vega

Minico Senior High School

Rupert, Idaho

I have been a Hope Squad for the past two semesters of my senior year at high school. Being a Hope Squad member taught me how to be help people in certain situations. I have been able to help the younger Hope Squad member by giving them advice about their later years of high school. I have also given advice about how to serve as a Hope Squad members. My Hope Squad advisor is very encouraging and helpful. When I have I problem, my Hope Squad advisor is the first person I go to to help me. I plan to attend college after the summer I graduate from high school. I plan to attend the University of Utah medical school to earn a Doctorate degree. My inspirations have been my grandparents, parents, siblings, my classmates, and my teacher; including my Hope Squad advisor.

Mikela Murray

Reedsport Community Charter School

Reedsport, OR

My name is Mikela Murray, I became apart of hope squad my senior year of high school. At Reedsport High School we had just brought a Hope squad program into our school. This is my first year in Hope Squad and I have learned a lot. I think the best thing I learned about Hope Squad was how to be helpful to others and learn how to talk to them. I learned that Hope Squad is a safe space for me and I am able to talk about things that I was always scared to talk about. Thanks to my Hope Squad advisor Tina, I have learned that it’s okay to not always be okay and that there are people out there going through the same thing as you and it’s okay to talk to someone about it. I appreciate my hope squad advisor for teaching me more about suicide prevention and how to handle it. My plans after I graduate are to attend a 2 year community college for pre nursing.

Liv Marshall

Lakota East High School

Cincinnati, Ohio

Hi, I’m Liv! I have been apart of the Lakota East Hope Squad for 4 years and have served on the Hope Squad National Council for 2 years. Hope Squad has taught me to advocate for myself and others, and embrace the diversity around me. My advisor, Mr. Dennis, has been an amazing leader throughout the years, with his chill (yet determined) attitude, as well as amazing listening ear. My grandma has also inspired me to help others and live life to the fullest; she is a Throat Cancer survivor of 23 years and is the strongest person i know. I plan to study Theatre Education at Ball State University in the fall!

Alexiah Barkle

American Fork High School

American Fork, Utah

I have been in Hope Squad for a total of 5 years. As I have learned and grown in the program, I have had the opportunity to help a lot of people with the knowledge I gained, including being able to tell more clearly when people were hurting, and to know what to do to help them. Without what I learned about suicide prevention, I wouldn’t have been able to help keep these people safe. I would never change nor exchange my experience with Hope squad, and I am really grateful to have been a part of it. It honestly changed my life for the better, and I wish everyone could have the opportunity to learn what I learned in this program. I am also grateful that during the program, I was able to spread awareness for suicide prevention to others, so they could know how they can help too.