“My Ascension” is a poignant documentary that sheds light on the transformative journey of Emma Benoit, a remarkable young woman who bravely shares her personal struggle with attempted suicide and how she emerged as a resilient advocate for mental health.

Emma’s resilience and determination to prevent suicide and help other youth with mental health awareness led her to align with Hope Squad, the peer-to-peer suicide prevention and mental health awareness program in over 1,600 locations throughout the world.

Alongside My Ascension Director/Producer Greg Dicharry, also a passionate mental health advocate, Emma has channeled her pain into a mission of empowerment, working tirelessly to break down the stigma surrounding mental health discussions.

Through Emma and Greg Dicharry’s efforts, and in partnership with Hope Squad founder and suicide prevention expert, Dr. Greg Hudnall, Hope Squad has grown in the State of Louisiana and hundreds of other schools and communities throughout the world.

They have united schools and communities in promoting a compassionate environment, where young individuals can openly discuss their feelings and seek help without fear. My Ascension is a powerful testament to the strength of the human spirit and the profound impact that advocacy can have on transforming lives.

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My Ascension

Emma Meets Dr. Hudnall for the first time and learns about Hope Squad

Emma's Story

At 16 years old, varsity cheerleader Emma Benoit attempted to end her life. MY ASCENSION is the story of the day that changed Emma’s life, and everything that’s happened since.

For Years, Emma quietly struggled with anxiety and depression, too ashamed to share her pain with family or friends. Through navigating the challenges of recovery, she discovers purpose and passion in helping other struggling teens.

MY ASCENSION is an inspiring look at Emma’s story, and includes firsthand experiences of families, friends, school officials, and suicide prevention experts. The film does not shy away from the difficult realities of the ongoing youth suicide crisis, but shares valuable resources to help keep teens safe.

Reaching National Audiences

Emma and MY ASCENSION have been featured on top television networks across the country.