National Council

Hope Squad National Council

National Council Members

Ruth Stanton McAtee


I am the Advisor of Hope Squad National Council. These are a group of trained Hope Squad members who are passionate about connecting all Hope Squad members. I have been an educator for 38 years and worked with Hope Squad for nine years. Working with these amazing students on the Council is a tremendous honor and opportunity.

Kylee Tidwell

Assistant Advisor

I am the Assistant Advisor to the Hope Squad National Council. I have been blessed to serve on Hope Squad for the past three years. I am from Syracuse, Utah and I attend Utah State University majoring in Communications. My hope is that every person I come into contact with knows how much they are loved and valued, and I know that Hope Squad empowers me to make that happen.

John Becker

My name is John Becker and I go to Layton High School in Utah. I love sports, I play basketball and lacrosse. I have a passion for music and I have played the piano since I was six. I have always had a desire to help others and Hope Squad has provided me with that opportunity.

Allison Bird

My name is Allison Bird and I go to Bonneville High School in Utah. I love everything that I have learned and experienced in Hope Squad. I love how Hope Squad teaches that we all matter and no matter how lost and hopeless we are, there is hope and happiness ahead of us. I am excited to be a part of the National Council this year.

Taven Butler

My name is Taven Butler. I attend Fremont High School in Utah. I am a senior. I love to run and be active in the outdoors. My goal for Hope Squad this year is to build strong connections. I would love to see Hope Squad’s throughout the nation be closely linked with the student body and all activities that take place within the schools they operate in.

Gracie Curtis

I am Gracie Curtis and I go to Desert Hills High School in Saint George Utah. I play volleyball and I love to travel. I’m so excited to be on Hope Squad National Council this year. I want people to know how important they are and how much they matter. I hope this year I am able to reach out to more people and remind them of how amazing they are.

Peter Daines

Hi! My name is Peter Daines, I am a Senior at Springville High School in Utah. I'm a competitive swimmer for my high school, and an Eagle Scout. I have 4 sisters. I love being outside and playing sports! This year my goal for hope squads is that we will be able to spread hope to everyone in our high schools, communities and the nation.

Boden Dwyer

Hi, I am Boden Dwyer from Sandy Utah. I attend Beehive Academy. I love skiing and biking. I would like to help Hope Squad members know that there is always something to look forward to and there is good in living. I wish to spread positivity to everyone locally and nationwide.

Malya Fass

My name is Malya Fass, I go to Fremont High School in Plain City, Utah. My goal in hope squad is to not let anyone go through a high school experience feeling alone, or like they are not worthy of love or compassion. I’m so excited to be serving on the national council this year!

Sarah Johnson

My name is Sarah Johnson. I live in Hamilton, Ohio and attend Ross High School. I absolutely love Hope Squad, and my goal is to expand the program to more schools. Hope Squads work to spread positivity and make every student feel valued. I can’t wait to spread these messages to even more people!

Amara Linnebach

My name is Amara and I go to Salt Lake School for the Performing Arts in Utah. I really enjoy sewing and creating new things! My goal this year for Hope Squad is to help create easily accessible mental health support in schools, creating an unbiased environment for everyone.

Miller Loftus

My name is Miller Emmett Loftus. I go to Salt Lake School for the Performing Arts. I am a Virgo. I am thoroughly obsessed with chapstick(not the brand, just in general). My one dream for this year, well two dreams, are that we can attend a real-life conference for Hope Squad, and that we can all have a little fun, no matter what we do!"

Olivia Marshall

My name is Olivia Marshall, I attend Lakota East High School in Liberty Township, Ohio. I love theater and performing with my high school and community theater! I’m hoping to become a social worker so I can work with kids in the foster system, or LGBTQ+ youth. I want to inspire my peers to support each other, no matter their differences.

Brynlee Morgan

I am so excited to be a part of the Hope Squad National Council. This year I will aim to provide aid and assistance to new Hope Squad members. I would like to be able to normalize the idea of simply talking about suicide, to open more people’s eyes to the impact this word has on each and every human beings lives. Most importantly, I help this Council to give hope and encourage others to spread hope!

Memphis Owen

My name is Memphis Owen. I go to Bonneville High School in Idaho. I love Hope Squad with all my heart and love the difference that I see the program making in my school and my life. My hope is that kids everywhere can be shown that they are cared for, and that if they are having a bad day, it is OKAY to let somebody know. I also hope to break the stigma and stereotypes around talking about suicide. We need to break the silence!

Sydney Pettingill

My name is Sydney Pettingill. I go to Bonneville High School in Idaho Falls, Idaho. I am the captain on a first Idaho Falls robotics team. I hope that this next year in hope squad we can help people feel so seen that they want to make others feel seen as well. I know this is possible because of what I have learned on Hope Squad.

Naomi Rollins

My name is Naomi Rollins, I attend Springville High School, in Utah. I am so thankful for the chance I have to be able to serve on the Hope Squad National Council! As a member of Hope Squad, knowing you can make a difference in someone's life for the better is really worthwhile. I love people and want to see everyone around me thrive throughout our years as students.

Susan Shields

My name is Susan Shields. I attend Crossings Christian School in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I love playing tennis and I am on our school’s tennis team. I want talking about mental health issues to be normal, because everyone experiences it! I want everyone to feel like they are worthy, beautiful and strong!

Joanne Xu

My name is Joanne Xu I attend Hilliard Davidson High School in Hilliard, Ohio. In Hope Squad, I have learned how to be compassionate, open, and most importantly: aware. Hope Squad is about listening and seeing those who feel invisible. My dream is for everyone to feel connected and supported as a part of a whole. And I believe that Hope Squad has the potential to make that change in the world.