“The reason I’m in Hope Squad is because it brings hope to me. I feel good, I feel happy when I’m reaching out to others.”

— Danny
Hope Squad Member

“I enjoy being on Hope Squad because I have learned so much more about not only caring for those around me but also about my own mental well-being.”

— Kevin Tang, Hope Squad Member

“Some families do baseball.
Some families do karate.
Our family does Hope Squad.”

— Cristie Wood
Hope Squad Mom

“We can put boots on the ground, eyes in the hallways, ears out there in the room.
I said, ‘Sign me up, I absolutely want to do it. This is where I need to be.’”

— Tony Cooper, Hope Squad Advisor

“I cleared my schedule to get Hope Squad in. A situation came up when somebody felt suicidal, and this time I was able to help them. Nothing feels better than being able to save a life.” 

— Hope Squad Member

“Through Hope Squad I have developed and learned the most important skill a friend can have: the ability to listen completely.”

— Benjamin Ramos, Hope Squad Member

“We have students looking out for others who may be marginalized, who may be suffering. We need more Hope Squads.” 

— Utah Lt. Governor Spencer Cox

“My biggest takeaway from Hope Squad over the past few years is the realization that you never truly know what any one person may be going through in their life and the immense impact a single person who truly cares can make.”

— Luke Wilson, Hope Squad Member

“I imagine this as emotional CPR. My job isn’t necessarily to be able to heal someone all by myself, but just keep them okay until they can get more professional help.”

— College Hope Squad Member

“I have had three children participate in Hope Squad. Other parents always ask me if they are too young or they feel too much pressure. I always tell them absolutely not. You can never be too young to learn how to be aware of those around you.”

— Cristie Wood, Hope Squad Mom