Hope4Utah Team

Hope4Utah Team

Hope4Utah Team

Dr. Greg Hudnall

CEO and Founder

Dr. Gregory A. Hudnall is the founder and Executive Director of HOPE4UTAH. He has championed suicide prevention in Utah schools and communities for over 20 years. His expertise is not only sought after locally, but also nationally, at the highest levels of government.

Dr. Hudnall is a former high school principal, student service director, and associate superintendent with the Provo City School District. He has spent the last fifteen years as the executive director of a community crisis team and has personally been involved with over twenty-five suicides as a first responder or consultant. He is in his 16th year as chairman of the Utah Suicide Prevention Conference in partnership with Brigham Young University. 

Dr. Hudnall was invited to testify before the United States Surgeon General on suicide in Utah and in 2013 was invited by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to present in Washington D.C. on the Circles4HOPE community mental health model at the “Dialogue on Behavior Health and Community Resilience in LDS Communities.”

In 2015, Dr. Hudnall was invited by the Whitehouse to participate in a webinar entitled, “Strengthening the Mental Health of African American Youth.” 

Read more about Dr. Hudnall and his impact for mental health on his site Greg Hudnall.

Cathy Bledsoe

Assistant Director cathyb4hope@gmail.com

Jennifer Dees

Curriculum Specialist jenniferdees4hope@gmail.com

Ruth Stanton McAtee

National Council Advisor
and Secondary Squad Specialist

Kylee Grace Tidwell

Hope Squad National Council
Assistant Advisor

Laura Giles

Elementary/Jr. Squad Specialist

Ariana Grundvig

College Squad Specialist/QPR Trainer

Wendi Christensen

Elementary/Jr. Squad Specialist

The Board of Directors

Melissa Heath, Phd

Professor, Brigham Young University, School Psychology Program

Ron Vigoren, CPA, PC

Vigoren & Co.

Kye Barnett

Professional Advisor, Brigham Young University

Jeremy Cottle, PhD

CEO/Managing Director, Provo Canyon Behavioral Hospital

Lisa Savage

Savage Trucking Company

Doran Williams, LCSW

Associate Director, Wasatch Mental Health

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